Leadership breakdown – how to stop the vicious cycles and release the struggle of leadership

The bad news is that one specific hurdle trips up every leader and causes breakdowns like disengagement, silos, low morale, unwanted turnover, missed deadlines, and unrealized potential. The good news is that this is reversible.

If you’re a leader and you’re looking around to figure out what things aren’t working, you have to look right into the mirror. Any breakdown at work – morale, deadlines, engagement, or miscommunication – is partly the leader’s doing. The awesome news is that this is reversible with conscious leadership.

Leadership Breakdown is for leaders that want their leadership teams to realize it’s full potential. Eric Kaufmann has dissected thousands of hours of leadership mistakes and problems and teaches how leaders can move from breakdowns to breakthroughs.

Eric takes leaders on an entertaining and enlightening journey to uncover the three aspects of conscious leadership: 1) wisdom – how to make great decisions, 2) love – how to unlock deep engagement, and 3) power – how to get fully switched on at work. He brings these empowering and powerful principles into clear and focused instructions for becoming the kind of leader that people trip over themselves to follow.

Leadership Breakdown is a deep dive into: