In this Conscious Leadership in Action conversation between Paul Ward and guest Eric Kaufmann we talked about his new book, Leadership Breakdown: How to break the vicious cycle, release the struggle, and succeed with conscious leadership.

Eric has made awakening and expanding the consciousness of leaders his mission in life. Eric says that what makes a conscious leader is not just waking up, opening your eyes and saying I am, but seeing the interconnectedness of all things, and holding all those variables in heart and mind as you make choices. That means extending beyond my ego, my sense of separate self and folding into it my co-workers, vendors, supply chain, my customers, my shareholders, my family, the family of my employees. What makes a person a conscious leader is the ability to expand that sense of self beyond the protection, beyond the greed, beyond the fear and to really include as much of life possible while making choices. A conscious being at choice, taking responsible action.