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Radio & Podcast Interviews

As Told by Nomads: Eric Kaufmann discusses leadership breakdown we’re experiencing and how to develop conscious leaders
Self Improvement Daily:Eric Kaufmann discusses what it means to be a Conscious Leader
Conscious Leadership in Action: Eric Kaufmann discusses the leadership breakdown crisis in our world today and how to become a Conscious Leader
Man Alive with Shana James: Shana James interviews Eric Kaufmann about the interplay of leadership and love and they discuss his book The Four Virtues of a Leader.
The One You Feed Podcast: Eric Zimmer interviews Eric Kaufmann about the conscious, constant and creative effort to make a life worth living.
Sounds True Weekly Wisdom Podcast: Publisher Tami Simon interviews Eric Kaufmann about his new book The Four Virtues of a Leader.
Business Innovators Magazine Interview: Eric Kaufmann discusses how he guides leaders and his new book The Four Virtues of a Leader.
Exit Coach Radio Interview: Eric Kaufmann discusses how leaders deal with uncertainty, succession planning, and the importance of remaining curious.
Red Zone Tech: Eric Kaufmann discusses what it takes to evolve into a great leader.
Inside Personal Growth: Eric Kaufmann discusses leadership as a hero’s journey.
The Habit Factor: Eric Kaufmann discusses the making of the hero’s journey.
Cash Flow Diary – Part I: Eric Kaufmann discusses how you are what you think about most.
Cash Flow Diary – Part II: Eric Kaufmann continues the discussion with more insight into leadership.

Published Articles

Courage and the Heart to Lead: By Eric Kaufmann, Focus Magazine
How to Be a Conscious Leader: By Eric Kaufmann, Conscious Company Magazine
Five Deadly Mistakes of Conscious Leaders: By Eric Kaufmann, Conscious Media Magazine
Four Leadership Lessons from the (Surf) Board: By Eric Kaufmann, Best Self Magazine
Tug of War Lessons for Leading: By Eric Kaufmann, Focus Magazine
Critical is not the same as Aware: By Eric Kaufmann,
Finding the Courage to Lead: By Eric Kaufmann, IDEA Magazine
From Training Room to the Boardroom: By Eric Kaufmann, Focus Magazine
Leadership Lessons From Tug-of-War: By Eric Kaufmann, Switch and Shift
Power or Panic – Making the Most of the Unknown: By Eric Kaufmann, Training Magazine
The Seven Deadly Mistakes of Coaching: By Eric Kaufmann, Focus Magazine
Seven Excuses NOT to Hire an Executive Coach: By Eric Kaufmann, Denver Speakers Bureau

Honorable Mentions

Top Business Books Every Small Business Owner Should Read: By Christina DeBusk, Businessing Magazine
Publisher’s Weekly Book Review: The Four Virtues of a Leader
San Diego Jewish World Book Review: The Four Virtues of a Leader


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