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Here is what leaders are saying about my new book:

“Eric Kaufmann really nailed it as he clearly identifies the “Holy Trinity of Great Leadership”!”
Howard Pearl, CEO CARS

“Read this book and become that leader whom people choose to follow in a culture of learning and community.”
Garry Ridge, Chairman, WD-40 Companies

“The simple, ‘how to’ concepts had me from the start.”
Kelley Kurtzman, SVP, Verizon


Overcome the #1 Barrier to Executive Effectiveness
– Ego Myopia

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Just because you’ve succeeded in the past doesn’t mean you’re done! You don’t just have a bucket list, you want to reinvent the bucket. You’ve enjoyed the thrill of victory, tasted the frustration of falling short, and you want more. And the thought of leaving potential on the table frustrates you to the point of…motivation!

How much more will you achieve when you unlock your full potential? Kaufmann’s coaching and consulting guides you and inspires you to tap into your unrealized self, and the people, processes and plans that will eliminate “unfinished business” from your vocabulary.

What’s next? That’s up to you.



Executive Coaching

  • Better Decisions
  • Clearer Thinking
  • Tighter Relationships

Master responsibility and your personal leadership presence with a One-to-One customized deep dive that will uplevel every interaction in your life and allow you to realize your full potential.

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Executive Facilitation

  • Breakthrough Conversation
  • Barrier (seen & unseen) Removal
  • Alignment and Buy-In

Sagatica facilitators create a productive and positive environment of focus, courage, grit and trust. This leads to powerful, unexpected and nearly always previously unrealized, outcomes.

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Executive Mastermind

  • Shatter Single-Mindedness
  • Harness Generous Leaders
  • Accelerate Learning

Realize the possibilities of perspective, catalyzed by win-for-all mentality and unleashed by brave openness. Experience successful sharing, cultivate peer relationships & expand your purpose-driven potential.

Realize Your Potential

Why Leaders Are Excited About Eric

I loved the presentation, the delivery – everything! The CEO’s deeply resonated with the content. My favorite comment was, “he was so present the whole  night.” Your integrity and teaching is what is so inspiring and awesome about you.

Violet Lehrer, YPO Education Chair and President of Clarity Path Coaching

Eric Kaufmann’s work is truly visionary. Hear him, read his work, apply the principles, and you will be a hero in your organization!

Marshall Goldsmith, The World’s Most Influential Leadership Thinker – Thinkers 50 global survey – Bestselling author Mojo and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Eric shows leaders how to transform themselves into masters of chaos and uncertainty. From this place of power, they become a force of clear and calm direction that aligns their people and accelerates results.

Garry Ridge, CEO, WD-40 Companies

The insights and actions Kaufmann offers will make your work conscious, intentional and successful.

Steve Farber, Author, The Radical Leap Re-Energized and Greater Than Yourself; founder, The Extreme Leadership Institute

Eric has a gift at helping leaders see things in themselves that they may be blind to.  He is kind, caring, present, empathetic and not afraid to tell the truth as he sees it.  I would recommend Eric to any leader who is looking to unleash their inner potential and lead more effectively in a truly conscious and authentic way.

Ryan Picarella, CEO, Welcoa

Eric Kaufmann’s thought-provoking questions and tangible examples will help you evolve the quality of your leadership and how you approach your work.

Tom Werner, President and CEO, SunPower Corporation

I found Eric Kaufmann’s presentation very thought provoking. I think that he is on to something in the way that he starts from the highest-level, and works down toward taking the steps needed to make your business all that it could be, and all that you really want it to be. Being introspective, honest with yourself, and facing your fears is what we all need to do to be happier and more satisfied with our business and personal life.

Kevin Gyberg, President at B2 Software Inc

Seize the opportunity to hear Eric Kaufmann speak! He truly is the sage in Sagatica. His ability to impart wisdom, connect with, engage and entertain his audience will exceed your highest expectations. Eric thoroughly demonstrates to participants the power of tapping into the collective genius. Eric’s ability to show his audience how to integrate what he has communicated sets him apart

Laura McGee, Divorce Coach at Leave Strong Divorce Coaching

I met Eric at a CEO conference he keynoted and I was hooked. His clarity, depth, wisdom, candor, flexibility and perceptiveness are amazing. These traits have been priceless in facilitating four years of our executive Vision Retreats. In addition to driving amazing results, he understands people and their need to be engaged. Eric is brilliant!

Jill Blashack Strahan, Founder & CEO at Tastefully Simple

I rarely leave Eric’s company without a moment of new insight or perspective to consider. Eric is a keen yet kind observer of humans and able to crystallize these data into meaningful and applicable ideas that speak to our best selves. Don’t hesitate to take (or create) an opportunity to hear him speak!

Marilyn O’Neill, CEO of Nautilus Environmental

I had the great fortune to hire Eric Kaufmann to provide a keynote presentation to the Geoprofessional Business Association’s conference in Hawaii…His discourse was entertaining, informative, and inspiring and Eric left everyone thirsting for more of his wisdom. Eric unleashes his sage observations and energized us to renew our passion to positively impact the world.

Joel Carson, Senior Vice President, Kleinfelder

A Visionary Work

I am the author of The Four Virtues of a Leader: Navigating the Hero’s Journey through Risk to Results, as well as Leadership Breakdown: How to Break the Vicious Cycle, Release the Struggle, and Succeed with Conscious Leadership. My books teach the virtues shared by successful, passionate, and creative executives and how they navigate through uncertainty and anxiety to create community and drive results.



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