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How We Work Together

My 5 step process identifies and aligns with your strengths, values, aspirations, and goals by creating a customized roadmap to delivering individual results. This process creates clarity in goals, assesses areas for improvement or refining, closes the gaps in learning, teaches new skills, and measures your results and plan for ongoing growth. Common focus areas include clarifying vision, addressing change, managing internal politics, improving team cohesion, decision-making and relationships. Take my free survey to identify your key transformative areas. Let's work together to build your plan and take action.

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What Leaders Are Saying

Eric is superb. The best coach one could want. Able to engender 2-way TRE (Trust Respect Empathy) -- critical foundation for relationship. He has made a terrific and lasting impact on both personal and professional levels. Hope to work with Eric again.”

– Howard Wenger, President, SunPower

I found Eric to be particularly insightful and with an amazing ability to grasp key issues or challenges you may be facing and help you put things in perspective. My work with Eric was extremely beneficial in helping bring clarity to my role as CEO and in driving the results we need to achieve as an organization.”

– Paul Hering, CEO, Barney and Barney

Eric’s genius lies in his ability to gather unique insights at the intersection of your thoughts, actions, and behaviors. Eric’s guidance was initially counterintuitive but ultimately proved to be at the core of the issue. It is clear to me now that it is unlikely that I would have progressed at the speed I have without Eric’s direction and support.”

– Mike Alfred, CEO, BrightScope, Inc.

I have been working with Eric for over two years and the experience has absolutely helped me become a better leader and improved the quality of my personal life. Eric's depth of commitment to helping his clients is unmatched by anyone I have worked with before.”

– Tim Herlehy, VP Operations, Zodiac

Eric brings an enormous capacity to understand, as well as clarity and insight to our relationship. He has helped me see myself as the person my employees and clients need me to be. I am a better person and leader because of my interactions with Eric. He truly cares about me. If you're looking to improve, and demand return on time and resources, you won't find a better investment than Eric Kaufmann.”

– Paul Hynes, President, Hearthstone Inc.

Eric Kaufman is a master of coaching leaders and teams through their own perceived chaos, teaching them how to reverse the pendulum swing of internal uncertainty. His framework of The Four Virtues of a Leader is essential for any entrepreneur or executive who is searching for the blueprint to introspection and for explosive growth in both business and life.”

– Rick Enrico, CEO & Founder, SlideGenius, Inc.


The Four Virtues of a Leader

Navigating the Hero’s Journey Through Risk to Results

This book challenges common thinking while giving practical ideas on what I have found to be the four virtues, or cornerstones, of good leadership: how to stay focused, be courageous, persevere as you accelerate your organizational growth, and take the leaps of faith that we all need to do to move from the old to the new. Marshall Goldsmith, the world’s premier leadership coach, has called this book, “a truly visionary work.” It differs from other leadership books on the shelf as it guides leaders to successfully fuse an unwavering commitment to business results with a deep respect for the human spirit.

30 Minute Complimentary Consultation

Book your FREE 30 Minute Consultation with Eric. Discover How to Accelerate Your Results Now.