The Blueprint to Conscious Leadership


By Eric Kaufmann, President of Sagatica Matt Lehrer, CEO of Teamwork Athletic Apparel, made  it a practice to give low- interest loans  to his employees — more than 500  loans  over 15 years. To get a loan, employees had to create a household budget and share their goals for the loan. But Matt  turned down a loan request from a single  mother of three who wanted the money  to help her ailing mother. Why? Because he was practicing true conscious leadership. As he coached his employee Anna through the application and budget process, they realized three things: she was motivated by [...]

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Meetings That Shine


Nine Practices for a Conscious Leader of Meetings Your meetings are the manifest expression of your culture.Whoa, slow down. Really take this in. This is important.Your. Meetings. Are. The. Manifest. Expression. Of. Your. Culture. Every time you call a meeting, you know, “gather around people,” around a table, a phone or a video call, you put your values, norms, priorities, and leadership on display. A meeting isn’t just a reflection of your culture, it IS your culture. So, as a conscious leader, how can you raise the vibration, improve the connections, and accelerate the positive results of a meeting? To [...]

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Deliberate Practice and the Power of Elearning


What is deliberate practice? Do you recall learning to ride a bike? At first, you wobbled and fell and wanted to quit. Most likely, someone taught you how to ride – your dad or mom, older sibling, cousin, or neighbor, perhaps. I first learned to ride with training wheels attached to the rear wheel, and as my confidence and competence grew, the wheels came off. Fortunately, my dad believed in me, practiced with me, and gave me feedback and support. Bike riding changed from awkward to effortless as my skill and experience increased. This is the essence of deliberate practice. [...]

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Leadership Lessons from Tug-Of-War


“What am I creating?” is a critical leadership question you must ask yourself every day. The answer shapes your personal productivity, choices and actions. The answer to this question also orients your team’s choices—it creates alignment. The primary reason  for organizations to exist is to harness the collective power of the group. WE can accomplish more than I; our collective efforts are most impressive when they surge forward in unison. Alignment produces a multiplier effect that demonstrates that the whole IS greater than the sum of the parts. Teamwork, however, can also be challenging and frustrating. Teamwork requires that we subjugate our needs [...]

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The Seven Deadly Mistakes of Coaching


How to stop minimizing your coaching work You are expected to coach. Coaching, however, is not the end-all-and-be-all of talent development. And, the value of coaching is often diminished due to seven deadly mistakes. These mistakes are common, costly, and (typically) invisible to the coach. You can immediately improve your work, and bring out potential in people and teams, when you know when and how to avoid these deadly mistakes. What follows is a framework to engage, orient, and apply your very best contribution as a coach. First, let’s frame and define coaching. Coaching accelerates results and learning through trust, [...]

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From Training Room to the Boardroom


“How do I become an influential leader?” is a question every life science trainer asks, and one that I’ve been investigating for the past 15 as a coach and trainer. Part of the answer is revealed in the two mindsets and three focal areas that follow. First mindset is to base every decision on improving patient outcomes. Put patients first, next consider clinical practitioners, and then the right thing for you organization. This decision tree ensures integrity, value, and contribution. Second mindset. Leaders think horizontally, while trainers think vertically. Being a SME – in sales, technical details, etc. – is [...]

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Motivation – A Drug for Lazy Leaders


We’re hardly shocked anymore when we discover that a star baseball player DID take steroids. We’re disappointed, but not shocked. The use of performance enhancing drugs is a cat and mouse game between players and coaches who want ever-increasing power, and regulators who are desperately attempting to maintain a level playing field. In corporations, that performance enhancing drug of choice is motivation. Leaders and managers believe that if their “players” are juiced-up enough on motivation, they will perform at game winning levels all the time. And the drug is addictive. The more its dished out, the more dependant people become, [...]

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Four Virtues of Leadership as a Hero’s Journey


Focus: Focus answers the question, “What am I creating?” We are always creating, either intentionally or unintentionally. As a leader you are to be intentional, purposeful about what you, your team, and your organization focus on. Your thoughts and beliefs and, by extension, the beliefs and thoughts of your team and organization, are reflected in your creation and behavior. This power of focus is what draws you and your organization toward results. It is this power to intend, to deliberately reach for specific outcomes, that pulls you away from the known and familiar and into the journey; the journey of [...]

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Why is Commitment a Big Deal?


A good friend of mine is single. He’s such a catch and I often wonder how he’s not married, especially given his stated intent to be married. We got to talking about marriage and the conversation went to commitment. He said he’s a committed man – his business is successful, his circle of friends is rich, his lifestyle is full of athletics and travel – he commits to many goals and sees them through. So why is commitment a big deal, anyway? Commitment to our goals is one level of engaging ourselves. The greater riches of commitment are cashed in [...]

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What am I Creating? The Manifestation Cycle


The question, “What am I creating?” is perpetually answered by our outcome-directed minds. We have no choice but to comply with the inquiry. We do have choice in what we focus on as the answer. Your vision, your mental model, is a response to the question, “What am I creating?” Environment, opportunity, luck, and circumstances are forces and elements that shape and influence us. But we are not merely passive conduits of our environment; we exert an influence on our environment, too. I’ll illustrate this influence with the cycle of manifestation. Imagine a clock face with numbers. Let’s add a [...]

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