What am I Creating? The Manifestation Cycle

The question, “What am I creating?” is perpetually answered by our outcome-directed minds. We have no choice but to comply with the inquiry. We do have choice in what we focus on as the answer. Your vision, your mental model, is a response to the question, “What am I creating?” Environment, opportunity, luck, and circumstances are forces and elements that shape and influence us. [...]

Hard to believe

My daughter came sobbing into the house. She is usually pretty tough, so when she cries in pain, I know to pay attention. She was swinging in the hammock with her friend and they tipped the hammock. My daughter landed on the ground and her friend, on top of her. I saw no bruises or cuts. I prescribed the usual, ice the arm and [...]

What EXACTLY is coaching?

While executive and leadership coaching share many features with the coaching that managers provide for their employees, there is at least one critical difference. As a manager, you are responsible and accountable for the outcome of what your employee does or does not do. As an executive coach, I’m responsible and accountable for the improvement of the executive, but not for their total work [...]

The ABC of Change

I was interviewed about helping leaders make positive changes through executive coaching. One of the questions really captured my attention, “What do you believe causes change?” Through 12 years of coaching intelligent and mature executives, and over my own lifetime of effort, I know that behavior change is difficult. As a facilitator, coach, and trainer I’ve observed a pattern among those who deliberately and [...]

How to Develop Courage for Leading

During a hiking trip in a remote mountain range, a narrow but deep canyon cut my trail. I hiked northwards along the canyon lip, but found no passage. An hour later, having retraced my steps and gone further south, I found a lightning-felled Ponderosa pine that spanned the canyon. It was sixty feet long, thick and strong, and anchored in place by its remaining [...]

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