Culture Never Sleeps


We’ll never have to wonder if one leader can affect culture. Just six days after inauguration, the culture of the White House is different. This is a leadership perspective; I’m not baiting any political debate. Culture change is visible. And you too, the leader in your space, are affecting the culture around you, whether or not you’re paying attention to it. And I’m encouraging you to pay attention. Culture never sleeps. Culture never pauses. Culture always exists, and here’s why. Actually, first let’s get personal. You and I have an ego, an aspect of mind that we consider our "self." If [...]

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You Will Disappoint!


"Sheila is pissed at me," he said. "She wants me to intervene on her behalf, but I'm not going there. She has to figure out how to fight this fight without me hand holding her." Then he went on, "But I tell you, it's bothering me that she's disappointed and pissed at me!" You can relate, right? He hates being perceived as unfair. It reminds me (for a second time in a week) of Abraham Lincoln saying, "You can please some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time, but you can't please all the people [...]

You Will Disappoint!2021-03-08T21:28:39+08:00

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