Pandemic, Paralysis, & Productivity


!! Stop productivity porn !! It’s still too soon for bravado about productivity. We're in week three of isolation, and getting more comfortable with the weirdness. But we're not quite there yet. You're probably working from home, and if you have kids then they're home and you're a full-time professional and teacher, and your normal productivity routines are disrupted. Yes, yes, I know, opportunity and crisis go hand in hand. But right now we still need grounding, healing, and kindness more than we need productivity on steroids. The time for explosive action is near, but not when we're reeling from the [...]

Pandemic, Paralysis, & Productivity2020-04-09T17:43:14+08:00

Fear is Normal! So is Courage!


FEAR is an appropriate response right now. Fear is our reaction to threat, and we are threatened in ways we can’t control. Fear sharpens the senses, cuts noise away from signal, and provides a boost of energy for action. Unless you’re sedated, feeling fear is normal. And feel it you must. I’ll come back to that. Panic, over worrying, deep anxiety, incessant fretting, though, is unnecessary. Panic is a selfish impulse that dims your thinking and closes your heart. Panic always leads to unwise and dangerous choices – dangerous to you and others. Panic is an immature indulgence in a time that [...]

Fear is Normal! So is Courage!2020-04-07T16:49:56+08:00

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