Introduction to Sagatica

We are fueled by an unrelenting commitment to results and an unmistakable yearning for wisdom. Sagatica, in fact, derives from the Latin Sagacitas – wisdom. Executives who drive change, make things happen, and have time for a full life, understand that wisdom moves analysis to synthesis, competition to collaboration, and busyness to purposefulness.

Our process equips you to sharpen your thinking, make better decisions, and form trusting relationships. This rarely happens without coaching and facilitation. That’s what we do as we guide you to:

  • Lighten your burden by helping you leverage your influence
  • Inspire team engagement and commitment to your purpose and vision
  • Dissolve silos and form truly collaborative teams
  • Banish anxiety and fear in the face of change and uncertainty

Our expertise in Executive Coaching, Facilitation & Training blends a strategic approach with Zen practices. We formulate culture specific strategies and practices that consistently accelerate results, sharpen the minds, and broaden the hearts of leaders.


The Four Virtues of a Leader

Navigating the Hero’s Journey Through Risk to Results

This book challenges common thinking while giving practical ideas on what I have found to be the four virtues, or cornerstones, of good leadership: how to stay focused, be courageous, persevere as you accelerate your organizational growth, and take the leaps of faith that we all need to do to move from the old to the new. Marshall Goldsmith, the world’s premier leadership coach, has called this book, "a truly visionary work." It differs from other leadership books on the shelf as it guides leaders to successfully fuse an unwavering commitment to business results with a deep respect for the human spirit.

What Leaders Are Saying

Eric is a dynamic speaker who knows his material, knows his audience, and has great presence. The audience was “wowed” because we had a speaker that offered insight into leading a company, employees, and bettering themselves!

- Wendy Evers, Executive Director of New Initiatives and Outreach at SDSU